Packers came up short (close though), Seahawks got destroyed, and what a finish to the Steelers game which gave us a push on the (+3). It's tough to pick against your own team but I really thought the Steelers had it yesterday. We made out pretty good on the teasers though and finished the day with a profit. None of you guys wanted to send me a pic of your NFL Sunday set up!? I was expecting a better turn out than I got lol. Let's get to the picks for today.


Celtics ML (-135) 5x basketballs - I think they will cover the (-2.5) but that's listed at (-110) odds so I'll give up a little juice to have the Celts straight up. Celts had the let down game last Friday against the Jazz but bounced back against Memphis on Saturday. The Pacers just has a bounce back game of their own yesterday against the Nets. Celts had the day off yesterday and the Pacers are on a back to back - advantage Boston. Boston is also a better team. Take them straight up and give up a few points of juice. 

NFL: Primetime teasers:

Falcons (-1) / OVER (42.5) - a division matchup that just took place a few weeks ago. The Falcons were able to roll to a 34-20 victory in that game and Julio Jones had himself a fucking day in that one. I would think that the Falcons will go back to the same game plan because it worked in the first matchup. The Bus may know it's coming but I don't think they will be able to stop it. You guys may be wondering why I'm playing the teaser instead of the (-7) if I don't think the Bucs will be able to stop the Falcons. X factor - Jameis Winston. He wasn't playing in the match up last time these two teams played. I don't think he is a big enough X factor to put my money on the Bucs to cover (+7) but I do think he's a big enough X factor to prefer teasing the Falcons to (-1) rather than playing them at (-7). I also don't see a problem with each team putting up 21 / 22 points each tonight. Loving the prime time teaser of Falcons (-1) and OVER (42.5).

Two plays today to go for a 2-0 day. I've talked to some of you guys lately via direct message and you have said you prefer less plays to try and get the winning percentage up. So that's what I'm going to focus on. If any of you NEED the 3-5 plays per day to get your action in - just DM me and I can throw you a few extra plays.