12/22 - My appearance on @12ozSports Show + Brady/Belichick Rift

I will be live on @12ozsports radio show tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern. They are a show located in Ohio so I will be giving my picks against the spread for each AFC North game this week. Can their beloved Browns get a win? Listen in tonight to find out what I think.


Hot topic in New England this week is the drama about Belichick banning Brady’s long time personal trainer Alex Guerrero from the sidelines and the team plane. Guerrero’s role has continued to expand with the team over the last few years due to more and more players coming to him for nutritional advice. Guerrero currently works with 20 of the Patriots players. It sounds like there was a situation where Guerrero told one of the players that they shouldn’t be doing squats in the weight room but the Patriots strength and conditioning coaches said they should be. That led to a conversation between Belichick and Guerrero which resulted in Belichick deciding to put the ban on Guerrero.

Bad move by Belichick here. Clearly the TB12 method that Guerrero helped develop works. #12 is living proof of that every week. For a method that clearly works, why get rid of the guy who knows the method better than anyone? Well, obviously a Quarterback position is a little different than a lineman. Maybe some of the linemen are looking to shed weight to become healthier and extend their playing careers. That would obviously lead to less pure strength and more sacks. I guess I can see where BB is coming from. Bottom line is BB is the Boss. A disagreement came up and he took care of it the way he does, he’s got the power to do that and there’s nothing Guerrero or the players can do about it.

But what about Brady? There was a little tension in his press conference today. It was also pushed back two days, he usually talks to the media on Wednesdays. So there’s clearly things going on behind the scenes here. Brady has defended Guerrero in the past and that’s what he did again today. He called out a reporter asking him how he would know what BB said to Guerrero or what BB and Brady talk about. You can see the video in the link above.

So what’s this mean going forward? Well, number one is that the Boston media is making this so big because they don’t have much else to talk about now that the Pittsburg game is in the past and the Pats are -11.5 point favorites this week against the Bills. This might create a rift between Brady and Belichick because Guerrero is Brady’s guy but I don’t think you are going to see this effect the on field performance by these guys. They both want the same thing, to fucking dominate, and that’s what they are going to do.