12/24 Christmas Eve

USF check, Bruins check, teaser….misses by a half fucking point! 2-1 so we got back to winning. Santa Claus is coming to fucking town. You’ve all been good this year so I owe you a day and night full of fucking locks. Let’s get to the picks:



Lions (-3.5) – 5x footballs – favorite bet of the day. The Lions are still fighting for a playoff spot in the NFC. They will need some help but they definitely can’t afford to lose. The Bengals on the other hand are coming off two blowout losses in a row to the Bears and the Vikings. They found out their coach is moving on at the end of the year so really they are just going through the motions in these last two games, they don’t have much to play for. I like the Lions big.

Rams (-6) – 5x footballs – The Rams high powered offense will be on display again today as they look to try and get a first round bye in the playoffs. On the flip side, the Titans need to win to keep their playoff hopes alive. I’m not thinking the Titans offense will be able to keep up with the high powered Rams offense. The Titans rank #3 in the league against the run so look for them to focus on shutting down Gurley and Goff will need to get the air attack going.

Cowboys (-4) 5x footballs – Technically the Seahawks are still in the playoff hunt, but if you saw them on the field last week in L.A. they are DEAD. Something is going on with the Seahawks behind the scenes and they haven’t looked good the last two weeks. The problem is that the winner of this game will have a chance to get that final wild card spot (possibly) and I could see the Seahawks getting up for a game like that. HOWEVER, Zeke is back today and he will be looking for a fucking Christmas feast. He is going to eat it up against this Seahawks team who has been struggling against the run. I can’t think of a better word to use than struggling but they have been worse than that. They looked like skeletons last week as Gurley ran through them for 152 yard and 3 fucking touchdowns. Zeke’s going to tear it up today and that will lead to the Cowboys covering.

Teasers: (play in groups of 2-3):

Lions (+2.5)

Rams (0)

Chargers (-1)

Cowboys (+2)

Patriots (-5.5)

Saints (+0.5)

Bucs (+16)

Bears (+0.5)

Chiefs (-4.5)

Play them all for a 20-1 Christmas Miracle payout. HO HO HO.