12/25 from the North Pole

Ho ho ho – This is Santa and I’m covering for KofSports today. Looks like you had a pretty shitty day of straight bets yesterday going 0-3. The evil elves of Las Vegas were FIXING some of those games. I always tell the elves here in the North Pole not to fix things if they aren’t broke but those evil elves in Vegas like to fix things that aren’t broken. The elves in the North Pole delivered the teasers yesterday and those picks went 7-2 so I hope you all had a few jolly teasers. Let’s take a look at the games because I really gotta get to bed. Mrs Claus doesn’t know that I hit up the ol strip club on the way home last night HO HO Hos everywhere.


Since the teasers went so well for you yesterday, let’s stick to teasing. I’m not confident in the Steelers or Eagles to cover the straight spreads today. Those evil elves are always up to no good. Let’s go with Steelers teased to (-3) and Eagles teased to (-4) – that seems like a Christmas Day LOCK.


Rockets (-1.5) 4x basketballs – Chris Paul isn’t expected to play tonight but I still like the Rockets to win this match up which is the first time they will take on the new look Thunder. The Thunder have won four straight while the Rockets have lost two in a row. Look for the bearded one to be delivering lots of toys and goodies today against his former team.

Celtics (-4.5) 5x basketballs – first match up of the season for the Wizards and Celts who there may still be some bad blood between the Wizards and Marcus Smart from last year’s playoff series but most of the other guys are gone now. Celts had a nice bounce back game Saturday against the Bulls and I think they will pull away with this one at home on Christmas Day.

Did someone say teaser? Sure!

Cavs (+9) / TWolves (-1)