12/26 Eagles/Raiders Betting Review

I hope you all had a good Christmas, it ended better for some than others….really depending on who you had and where you got the line at for the Monday Night Football game between the Eagles and Raiders last night. The line moved around all week but it closed at Eagles (-10). As of Saturday, there was over 70% of the money in Vegas on the Eagles. Doesn’t surprise me how “slow” their offense was last night. Anyways, for those of you who missed this, if you live under a rock, or where at your Grandmas house in the woods with no cable or internet.

- The Eagles were up 3 with 3 seconds left.

- Raiders run a hook and ladder play from their own 35 yard line.

- Second lateral goes right past Derek Carr

- Eagles defense scoops up the ball and runs it back for a touchdown

- Twitter blows up with every person who bet on the Eagles (-10) talking about a Christmas miracle because they got a last second push and wouldn’t lose their money.

- Eagles decide to take a knee instead of kick the extra point.

- Those same people blow up Twitter screaming the fix was in and the NFL is rigged.

I won’t say I’ve told you so before but I’ve told you so. This game seemed strange all night that the Eagles couldn’t get anything going. Maybe it was the cold. Or maybe it was the fact that over 70% of the money was on Eagles (-10). Anyways, let’s look at it from each perspective.

People who had the Raiders (+10):

- Been drinking all day

- Had a great day and all game you feel like you’re going to win your bet.

- Eagles scoop and score and you take a shot of whisky because what the fuck.

- Eagles take a knee instead of kick the extra point.

- You realize you cover and take another shot of whiskey because fuck yeah.

- You wake up hungover no matter what but you have more money in your pocket.

People who had the Eagles (-10):

- Been drinking all day (probably more than the people who had the Raiders due to the fact that they were playing like shit all night).

- Had a good Christmas with family and friends

- Relaxing and watching some football, pretty confident that the Eagles would cover at some point.

- Eagles kick the field goal to go up 3 in the final minutes.

- Just start raging because you realize you’re not going to cover.

- Eagles scoop and score and you take a shot of whiskey because fuck yeah.

- Eagles take a knee instead of kick the extra point.

- You realize your bet doesn’t push so you take another shot of whiskey because what the fuck.

- You wake up a little more hungover than the people who took the Raiders because you continued to drink late into the night arguing how the game was fixed and the NFL is rigged.

It was certainly a game with a lot of quick emotional swings for both sides. Obviously it is better to be on the side of having the Raiders (+10) or Eagles teased to (-4). If in fact the NFL is rigged, that is a brutal way to torture people who bet on the Eagles (-10). Just when you think your bet is going to push, a big capital FUCK YOU. All I want to say to the people who had Eagles (-10) – I feel for you and try your best not to go on tilt today by betting double of what you lost last night. That will not end well for you.

I want to hear from you! DM me or send me an email at kofsports@yahoo.com – let me know which side of the bet you were on and let me know how you feel about it/your immediate reactions. It would be even better if you have any videos of people who bet one way or the other. Send them in. I will be looking to feature some reactions in my post for tomorrow.