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12/27 The Poor Guy who has Eagles (-10) EMAIL

I didn’t get as many responses as I had hoped for yesterday to review on today’s blog. HOWEVER, I did get this gem and the sender gave me permission to use it:

Sent: 12/26 3:46 p.m.


I’ve been following you for over a year now and you are the man! I am always skeptical when I see you post things about games being fixed but not this time. I’m don’t bet as much as some of your other followers but I like to get some action every now and then. Football around the holidays is always a good time for me to bet some cash. Well, I ended up taking the Eagles -10 for $200. I thought it was good start but then things took a turn for the worse and I started to realize that I was probably fucked. It was just me and the wife watching the game after spending all day at my family’s for Christmas. She doesn’t know that I bet and I’m not even sure if she knows it’s a thing. Well let me tell you, she was poking and poking at me the other night until I finally exploded. I was quiet most of the game because it was nerve racking for me. $200 is a bigger bet for me and it seemed like I was going to lose it for sure. She kept asking me what’s wrong? Why are you so quiet? You don’t like the gifts I got you? ENOUGH just watch the fucking game already. The Eagles played like fucking shit and I’m Cardinals fan. So here I am thinking I’m basically fucked when the Eagles kicked the field goal to go up 3 with 22 seconds left. I honestly was at the point that I expected it after the way they played. I thought to myself about how you’ve said games have been fixed before and I thought it might have seemed like that with the turnovers and the offense not doing much. BUT THEN the fumble, recovery, and touchdown. I broke out of my silence and was screaming and celebrating. I knew I wasn’t going to win but atleast I wasn’t going to lose. THEN THE MOTHERFUCKERS TAKE A KNEE INSTEAD OF KICKING THE FIELD GOAL. NOW I’M RIPPED AND I START PASCING THROUGH THE HOUSE PUNCHING WALLS. I put four fucking holes in my hallway walls. That’s when it hit me that fixes are real and Vegas is a super power. How do you even explain the swing of emotions after two hours of being silent? Nearly impossible, I told her that I needed the Eagles kicker to hit the extra point so I would win my fantasy football championship. Of course, she says I shouldn’t care that much about it. Fuck the Eagles, Fuck Vegas, FUCK THE NFL!!!!! How long does a bad beat like this burn?”

This is the shit that I want to start getting from people! First guy to write in to KofSports to get on the blog. I appreciate you doing that and I’m hooking you up with a free week of VIP access. Great detail about the whole situation and I can picture this whole thing playing out. I’ve already personally responded to him but I can summarize it for everyone else. One – there’s absolutely no way that Vegas didn’t play into the Eagles decision to take a knee instead of kick the extra point. Over 70% of the money was on Eagles (-10), there’s no way that Vegas didn’t have a say in the final score and ensuring the Raiders covered. Merry Christmas to Vegas. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the explanation to the wife, quick thinking on your feet to pull that one off. Was it before the punches and holes in the wall or after? Hopefully after. It seems like you might have went a little more heavy on this game than you were comfortable doing so this one might sting a little longer than usual. I like to tell my guys not to let a bad beat burn the next day because it will effect your decisions and future bets. Other than that, all I can say is you should have had the TEASER!! Good luck fixing up those walls, maybe you should wait until after the New Year’s Day games.


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