There we go! Iowa, Devils, Bruins, and Celtics on the free play last night for a good night. Let’s keep things going tonight. I’ll be sitting courtside at the Celtics tonight but you may be surprised on who I’m taking in that game.


2-1 on NHL last night so that makes 10 out of our last 13 on the ice. Let’s keep it going.

Capitals 4x hockeysticks – The Bruins are hot as fuck right now but they lost to this same Capitals team in The Garden two weeks ago. The Caps will be home tonight and I’m expecting the same result. The Bs are on their longest winning streak of the season but I think it comes to an end tonight. This game is also on NBC Sports Network tonight prime time.

Maple Leafs 5x hockey sticks – The Coyotes burnt us last night but they have only won multiple games in a row this season once…they had one three game winning streak. Things have been really bad as of late for the Coyotes and they have only won 2 of their last 10 games. They are also playing a back to back and they were on the road last night but will be back in Arizona tonight. Leafs were off last night. I like the Leafs heavy moneyline.


Like I said, you may be surprised on who I’m taking in the Rockets/Celts game tonight. It just goes to show that I’m not a super homer and I know when it’s better value to take a team playing one of my teams. Tonight is DEFINITELY one of those scenerios.