It certainly looked like the Rockets (-2) was the lock of the night early last night. I am shocked that the Celtics came back from being down 26 against the best offense in the league. Yes, I bet the Rockets last night but I’m a Cs fan at heart and I had a great time sitting courtside. What a game to see. I’m sorry that one didn’t work out for us but it was still a winning night because everything else hit!

Quick funny story for you guys. A first for Kofsports! I’ve had a lot of followers and a lot of VIP members but I have never ran into someone and been like hey I’m a handicapper and they decide to sign up for a VIP membership on the spot. So I go to the game with my wife and we are just taking in the action being so close to the floor was awesome. Then these two guys come down and sit in the two seats next to us at the start of the second quarter. They say they have these seats as season tickets so I’m like wow these guys must be balling. The guy right next to me goes, “I’m getting smoked guy, I got Celtics (+2) tonight, I’m getting smoked!!” We start making small talk about the game and I start throwing some numbers at him. Then he goes, “FUCK I’m getting smoked tonight, I’m gonna hammer TCU (-3), they start in 10 minutes.” I go, “Watch out for Stanford man, they have played some really good games this year.” He says yeah right they suck! I say they beat #20 Utah, #9 Washing, #8 Notre Dame, and they had some close losses to top 25 teams. He says, ok, so play Stanford moneyline? I told him I thought there was some value there but if he needed an absolute lock to tease Stanford with the over and I throw him some more numbers on scores from each team. He goes, “What are you a fucking robot guy? How do you know this shit?” I say – “CHECK THE BACK (of my jersey), I’m Kofsports, your new handicapper. He locks it in. Stanford goes up 21-3. Him and his buddy are pumped and they go to the bathroom. They come back with two beers, one for me and one for my wife. I was appreciative of that and I would be fine taking that for the lock I fed him. I ask him how much he put on the Stanford teaser and he tells me $1,700. Guys a baller. So he asks about my website and I tell him. Him and his buddy proceed to sign up and hand me $400 cash for two year memberships. This was still when Stanford was up 21-3 and the bet was far from over. I was shocked how fast it took place but it was pretty fucking awesome. I know you guys are reading this today and it was nice meeting you last night, welcome to KOOOOOOFSPORTS!! And for those of you wondering, I did tell them I was on the Rockets last night.

Let’s get to the picks for today!

NHL: melting the ice with how hot we are with NHL picks.

Devils ML 5x hockey sticks – heavy moneyline but the Devils are home tonight taking on the 9-20-8 Sabres who are having a tough season. Loving the Devils at home tonight.

Blues ML 4x hockey sticks – Friday night Blues, Brews, and Barbeques! I love this matchup tonight for the Blues against Dallas and the Blues are plus money on the moneyline right now. 23-14-2 taking on 20-15-3 and getting plus money. Gimme the Blues!


We have been hitting teasers pretty good so I’m going to roll with another one tonight.

Ohio State (-3) with the OVER at (59.5) 5x footballs – The line has been getting bigger and bigger in the Buckeye’s favor but the bigger it gets, that means more and more money is coming in on them. I like them to cover (-3) but I’m not so confident about the (-9). Although, I do look at that blowout loss that USC took against Notre Dame and this game could very well go that way. As for the over, we need 30 a side for the teaser to hit and both of these offenses are more than capable of that. Buckeyes scores this season – 49, 54, 56, 62, 56, 52. Trojans scores this season 42, 48, 49, 38, 48. Light it up for us tonight. Roll with the teaser.