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12/29 Brian Cashman is a Boston Celtics fan.

So if you follow me on Twitter (@KofSports) you saw my tweet sitting courtside at the Celtics last night. You also would see the tweet of Brian Cashman sitting about 20 feet away from me.

For those of you who thought I was joking and don’t believe it was really him, check these tweets to confirm.

So I noticed him pretty quickly as I scanned my surroundings from the third row last night. He was with his kid and I was wondering what the General Manager of the New York Yankees was doing at a Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets game. My initial thought was that his kid wanted to see James Harden play so they took the trip up to Boston for the night and sat courtside. However, as the Rockets went on a 12-0 run to start the game and built a 26 point lead, neither Cashman or his son showed any emotion. So it got me wondering. In the second half, the Celtics started to make things interesting and still no emotion. Finally, when the Celtics cut the lead to 2 and the Rockets called a time out, they both smiled and high fived. Wish I would have got a video of that. Weird to think that the GM of the New York Yankees is a Boston Celtics fan. I dug into it a little and it all makes sense, he was raised in an Irish family and he was a teenager when the first generation of the Big Three was playing (Bird, Parish, McHale). I would still think that the rivalry would clash with a New York GM being a fan of any Boston team.

This raises another question that I’d like to touch on. It has never really came into play for me because I am from Massachusetts and I am a Boston fan in all sports. But there are a lot of people out there who have a favorite team from a different city in each city. What’s acceptable and what’s frowned upon by sports fans? Obviously, if you bet on a team you cheer for them but I’m talking your favorite team in each sport that you are loyal to.

So here’s what I think are acceptable reasons for favorite teams in different cities than you live:

1. You have lived in different places and have a connection to that team for some reason.

2. One of your favorite players was traded to that team and you absolutely love them.

3. You were raised a fan of those teams and that is all you have ever known.


1. You like a different team in each sport because they win.

2. You change favorite teams every year based on who’s playing good.

3. You like different teams in different cities that have known rivalries.

4. You like the Warriors, Patriots, Blackhawks, and Yankees.

So Cashman has crossed the acceptable with unacceptable. He was raised a Celtics fan but he has worked for the New York Yankees since 1986.

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