12/30 First Edition of: THE FIX

THE FIX will be a new addition to my blog. I promised my followers a couple months ago that I would start documenting games where odd things happen that make you wonder if the fix was in. That was promised when the free blog was still in it’s development stage but it’s here now and today is the first edition of THE FIX.

So the Bucks were at the Thunder last night and I can imagine that a lot of people had OKC moneylines in their parlays because the Thunder have been hot and have won 6 games in a row. I can’t find the stats on how much of the money was on OKC but just a guess based off of the moneyline open and close I would say 63% on OKC. The OKC moneyline closed at (-234) and the Mil moneyline closed at (+209). For those of you who aren’t familiar with moneylines, that means you would need to bet $234 on the Thunder to win $100 and if you bet $100 on the Bucks you would win $209. Crazy right? There is no doubt that the fix was in on this game but my only question is if Vegas had the refs in on this one to snap OKC’s hot streak with a lot of bettors starting to get on them or if the refs had the Bucks moneyline at (+209). I mean, look at this shit – blatant fix right here with the ref right on top of the play:

After the game, the crew chief Derrick Stafford was asked about the missed call and he said, “In any reviewable matter, there has to be a whistle called on the floor. There was no whistle blown for the play, so we couldn't review it." That’s a bunch of fucking bullshit! Also, that reporter sucks because a follow up question for him should have been, “Should there have been a whistle blown on that play? It was right in front of you, WHY DIDN’T YOU BLOW THE WHISTLE!?” When he gave another bumass answer the reporter should have hit him with the, “Did you have the Bucks moneyline at (+209)?”

“Russ, was the fix in er naw?”

There you have it, first edition of THE FIX. Luckily, we weren’t on the Thunder last night but to any of you who were, I feel for you.