2017 Year in Review

As we come to a close in 2017 - here is a good read and year in review for the year that it was for sports betting. Bring on 2018.



- Brewers being the most profitable MLB team to bet on.

- Iowa State Football the most profitable College Football team to bet on.

- Biggest upset of the year Howard moneyline at 600-1 odds....upset of the fucking year lol.

Not Surprising:

- NCAA Basketball underdogs with 50-1 or greater odds went 1-60 in 2017. Wofford beat North Carolina.

- The Warriors won the Finals and were (-150) preseason.

Things I'll never forget:

- Patriots coming back from 28-3 in the Superbowl.

- Multiple last second covers in prime time NFL games.

Things I look forward to in 2018:

- Yankee over bets

- Tiger Woods

- NFL Playoffs

- Sports betting will become legal in the U.S. and you will be able to bet just like buying scratch tickets.

Here's to a great 2017 and on to 2018!