1/1 Ravens Gag and miss out on Playoff birth

I won’t lie, I wasn’t watching this game due to my strong tailgating before and after the Pats game yesterday. I saw the highlights and this one caught my eye as something that could be featured on the edition of THE FIX. All the Ravens had to do was win this game to get in the playoffs but they found a way to fuck it up. The Bengals had no business being in this game with them and nothing to play for except Buffalo Bills fans. Those Bills fans are now donating money to a charity of Andy Dalton’s choice. Why? This play right here sent the Bills to the playoffs:

So why am I doing an episode of THE FIX here? Well, the Ravens have has a solid defense all season long. They are ranked 4th overall in points per game, pretty solid against the pass too. 4th and 12 with 52 seconds left and the Ravens play a soft ass zone coverage and allow the Bengals to hit a hook route and then make two VERY PATHETIC attempts to make a tackle. There was a lot of money on the Ravens yesterday and I think that influenced the outcome of this game. I find it hard to believe the Ravens pass defense with the playoffs on the line would just absolutely collapse like that. Fix was in!! Anyway, no one wanted to see the Ravens in the playoffs except Ravens fans anyway. Better luck next year Baltimore!

Meanwhile in Buffalo:

Did they clinch a playoff birth or win the fucking Superbowl? They can’t get a home game so it’s not like they are going to get to have another Bills Mafia tailgate. Do they really think they have a chance to make a run? I think they have a chance to beat the Jaguars but after that? PuuhhhhLEASE. Stay tuned for my Wild Card Weekend preview coming later this week.