UCF Claiming Themselves "2017 National Champions"

The University of Central Florida football team is claiming themselves as the 2017 National Champions. Check out their twitter page cover photo.

They are going to raise a banner and have a championship parade at Disney World on Sunday. However, the REAL National Champion of college football will be decided on Monday night when Alabama takes on Georgia.

Good for UCF doing all this but when it really comes down to it, they aren’t the National Champions. This just brings up the fact that the college playoff system still has issues. UCF beat Auburn who beat Alabama and Georgia this season and UCF finished the season undefeated. Who’s to say that if UCF was playing either Bama or Georgia on Monday night that they would win or lose? We will never know unless the current structure is modified.

I think the playoff could be extended to and they could extend the season. It would be easy to expand the playoff to 8 teams and you could get through three rounds (8, 4, 2) in three weeks. However, extending to 8 teams doesn’t guarantee that teams like UCF would be included in the playoff even if they should be. UCF finished the season ranked 10th in the final rankings. If the playoff included 8 teams this season they still wouldn’t be included. In that case, I would say it sucks to suck and you can go ahead and raise your fake National Championship banners. Here’s what the 8 team playoff bracket would look like:

First round:

#8 @ #1

#7 @ #2

#6 @ #3

#5 @ #4

Second round:

#4 @ #1

#3 @ #2


#2 @ #1

I also think that the higher seeds should have home field advantage in the first and second round then the Championship could be at a neutral site, just like the NFL.

I think it’s a good move for UCF to do what they are doing and it will help them out when it comes to recruiting but the REAL 2017 National Champion will be crowned on Monday night, sorry UCF! Maybe the committee will decide to do something about the structure this offseason. 8 would be better than 4 and it would also create more “MEANINGFUL” bowl games. Let me know what you guys think.