NFL Rams / Falcons Betting Preview

Falcons @ Rams – How did the Rams finish the season? They won 8 of the final 10 meaningful games and 4 of the last 5 meaningful games. The Falcons on the flip side won 7 of their final 10 and 3 of their last 4. So we have two teams here that are playing good football at the right time and this game should be a good one. The Rams are favored by (-5.5) and the action is currently a 50% split in Vegas. That sums up how I feel about this game – it really could go either way. Unlike the first game of the day, the weather in this one is going to be beautiful. I’m expecting a lot of scoring in this one too. Back and forth, lots and lots of scoring. How do these defenses stack up? Falcons are ranked 9th against the run so they will have a chance to contain Gurley. Rams are 28th against the run so Freeman and Coleman should be able to get the running game going. Falcons are 12th against the pass while the Rams are 13th against the pass. So there you have the numbers in front of you but the one thing that isn’t included in the numbers is how this young Rams team will respond to a playoff setting? Young quarterbacks specifically usually don’t do great early on in their careers in playoff games. Granted, Goff can turn and hand the ball off to Gurley no matter how nervous he is. But if he gets in a shootout (what I’m expecting) with Matt Ryan who has been there and done that, I think that is a HUGE advantage for the Falcons. I am going to take the Falcons to win this game.


Falcons MONEYLINE (+195)