Patriots - Beginning of the end er naw?

So I know I’m a day late on this and to be honest I didn’t even want to touch this piece because I have no interest in ESPN bullshit but it’s getting to a level now that I have no choice but to touch on it. If you missed it, here is the link to the story -

To summarize it in short, ESPN is claiming that Belichick and Kraft/Brady had it out over the quarterback situation in New England. Apparently, Belichick was ready to move on from Brady (in the near future) and Kraft told BB that he has allowed him to run the Patriots way all these years but Tom Brady is the one guy that he would not let BB move on from until TB12 was ready to retire. They are saying Brady went to Kraft and told him he was uncomfortable with Jimmy G being around and he wanted the Patriots to trade Jimmy G. Kraft had BB in for a meeting that took half a day and essentially told him he had to trade Jimmy G. That pissed BB off (rightfully so) and he called his buddy Kyle Shanahan with the bargain deal of a lifetime. 2nd round pick for Jimmy G and to cut Brian Hoyer. So here’s the point where I was like whatever, ESPN, this story will blow over. They released it during early morning hours which they typically do with stories that include bullshit so whatever. But then they start putting out reports that Belichick has said he is going to leave the Patriots and go coach for the Giants. Now I’m pissed, fuck that! Do I believe everything that ESPN is putting in this article? Absolutely fucking not. But just for you people who have an open mind – let’s look at two scenarios and how the could potentially turn out if they are true.

1. Tom Brady really went to Kraft and demanded Jimmy G to be traded – Kraft told BB to trade him so BB did a quick deal out of spite. – so IF this really took place, the Patriots dynasty is in trouble. I don’t want to think about it. My eyes are actually tearing up as I write this. Fuck. Let’s look at this scenario from each perspective:

TB12 – I got exactly what I wanted and I’m thrilled that Jimmy is out of town. That ensures that I can play as long as I want and end my career with the Patriots, just the way I always wanted it. I know coach is pissed about how things played out but we will just go win the fucking Superbowl again this year and see how things play out in the offseason.

How does this affect his legacy? Not at all. He’s one of the fiercest competitors of all time and he is the GREATEST QUARTERBACK OF ALL TIME. He already said he will quit when he sucks and that day is most likely years away at this point. Tom knows how BB operates and he knows how good Jimmy G is, the slightest decline in performance and he knows BB will begin the Jimmy G era.

BB – I’m fucking pissed. I got the greatest quarterback of all time in the 6th round of the 2000 draft. I very well might have got another top quarterback in the 2nd round of the 2014 draft. I had myself set up for another 15 years of dominance of the NFL. I know for a fact that Tom is going to start going downhill and Jimmy is just about ready to take over, he’s shown it. I love Tom and we have done a lot together, but all good things come to an end. We will just go win the fucking Superbowl one more time together and I will be on my way.

How does this effect his legacy? He offered his buddy the deal of a life time and I think it will make him look terrible if he stays with New England and tries to find another young QB who is molded into “The Guy” to take over for Brady. Really though, can you blame him if things really played out this way? He is still the best Football coach and mastermind of all-time, this trade will not change that.

Kraft: What a terrible spot to be in, Tom was right when he told me in 2000 – he was the best decision this organization has ever made. 5 Superbowl victories later and 17 seasons of sell outs (so much cash flow) he has really done so much for us. There’s no way I would let this end poorly. He deserves to finish on his own terms. Jimmy looks great and Bill was right that he was probably the guy to take the reigns from the GOAT but I can’t go against Tom, he’s done too much for me. Jonathan (my son) I’m sorry that the next 10 years after Tom retires will suck but I couldn’t go against Tom, you know that. I better start making arrangements to find a new head coach, Mcdaniels? Patricia? You guys interested? BUT FIRST – let’s just go win the fucking Superbowl one more time.

How does this effect his legacy? Not at all. He was behind this dynasty from the start and no decision will ever take that away from him.

2. This story is complete bullshit from ESPN. Something else happened that made BB decide to trade Jimmy G for lower value than he was worth in the middle of a Superbowl run.

We have seen it before when a player does something in the locker room (Jaime Collins wanting to blow his assignments to boost stats) or off the field (Chandler Jones tripping out of his mind and walking bareass to the local police department) BB doesn’t hate to move that player. Is there a chance that something happened with Jimmy in the locker room or off the field that we don’t know about? Sure thing. Is there any truth to Jimmy being locked out of TB12 Institute? Maybe. Was Jimmy the guy who spilled the beans on the Guerrero story? Maybe. We may never know. If this is what happened and ESPN put out this article claiming there is a rift between the big three, oh boy. Nothing unites this team like a failing news outlet to publish fake news about them. Watch out NFL. It’s over. Superbowl 52 Champions – New England Patriots. You can still get them at 2-1 odds. That is the lock of your lifetime.

So either way, the Patriots are going to win the Superbowl. This group is too competitive to let any off field issue pull them away from the ultimate goal. And if this story is all bullshit – which it most likely is, that will just unite this team more than ever. They will beat whoever comes to town next weekend by 30, smoke the Steelers in the AFC title game, and then roll over whoever shows up in the Superbowl. Fuck ESPN. FUCK the NFL.