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1/8 VIP Picks


Alabama (-4) 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 - so two teams that have multiple things in common including the team they lost to this season. Georgia got beat down pretty good by Auburn 40-17 but then turned around and beat them 28-7 in the SEC Title game. Bama only got one crack at Auburn and they lost 26-14. Both of these teams looked good in the first round of the playoff. Georgia won a shootout against Oklahoma but Bama dominated the #1 ranked team in Clemson. My big reason for picking Bama tonight is their defense. I don’t think Chubb and Micheal will be able to break off huge run plays which they really rely on. That will force Fromm to throw the ball down field and he’s shown he can but I think it will be different tonight when Bama turns Georgia into a one dimensional offense. Roll. Damn. Tide.

I won’t touch the over under tonight because of what I saw Bamas D do to Clemson last week.

Not much else on the menu for action tonight so you can all put your focus on the big game.


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