Landon Collins makes multiple absurd statements...I'm guessing the kush and henny kicked in.

As the New York Daily News continues to push the Belichick rumors to the max, we continue to have ridiculous statements released by the media and now players. Landon Collins doesn’t have a fucking clue huh? Here are Collins’ comments to the New York Daily News last night:

“The way he runs his organization, I’ve been through that process. I don’t like it,” Giants safety Landon Collins said to the New York Post. “It’s too strict. …. He’s a great winner, he’s a great coach. I don’t know if [his style] is what the organization really wants.

“I talked to guys who played for [his] team. They love winning, but at the same time, they don’t want to be on the team.”

Where should I even start with this? I’ll start with the part about him going through that process. He’s referring to the three seasons that he played for Nick Saban at Alabama. Saban runs Bama similar to the way that Belichick runs the Pats. Collins doesn’t like it, it’s too strict. Maybe that’s the reason he didn’t do much in the one season that he won a National Championship in 2012. He came up with 8 whole solo tackles that season. That season, not that game.

He went on to state the obvious when saying that Belichick is a great winner and a great coach but then the kush must have hit because he said he doesn’t know if his style is what the Patriots organization wants. Landon, let me get whatever you’re smoking. A statement of this nature is just sad. The Patriots don’t want his style which has led to 5 Superbowl Championships and only missing the playoffs two times since 2001? Year after year of being in the hunt, it never gets old Landon. I know you are part of an organization that wins a Superbowl and then is irrelevant for 5 years so you must not understand.

Looking into these comments a little deeper and his twitter bio (“God’s son), it’s clear that Collins is more about himself and his own situation than the team and the collective goal of the game, winning.

The kush kicked in with Collins comments on Belichick but then the henny kicked in and he started talking about his teammate Eli Apple calling him a cancer. After a long night of partying and celebrating a Bama championship, he took to twitter to apologize to his team mate (after the henny hangover wore off). Eli Apple was asked by reporters what he thought about the comments/apology from Collins. Eli said he had to go take a shit. Two teammates not getting a long in the Giants secondary, that explains why they ranked 31 out of 32 against the pass this season.

(The timing of these events were altered in this article for your entertainment.)