Aaron Rodgers is banging Danica Patrick.

Well well well, I know I wasn’t the only one wondering how Aaron Rodgers healed so quickly. Now we all know, lots and lots of flowing testosterone. The NY Post is reporting that the Aaron Rodgers/Danica Patrick relationship is heating up pretty quickly (see story here). The couple was seen dining out in Green Bay after Christmas and Rodgers flew into Indy to meet the parents the following week. They all took a trip to Scottsdale, Az as well. Patrick just got out of a 5 year relationship with driver Ricky Stenhouse late in 2017 and Aaron Rodgers threw up the fucking hail mary – hit her in the DM “Sup?” We all know what happens when Rodgers chucks up the hail mary. He usually scores and the crowd cheers. The only difference here is the crowd isn’t cheering, the crowd is chanting “Go daddy, go daddy, go daddy!”

Congrats on the sex Aaron!!