Jamil Wilson is CLAPPING but not about his 10 day contract being voided.

Jamil Wilson gets cut by the Clippers, signed by the Lakers, and then cut by the Lakers before the 10 day contract started. Why? Sexual assault accusations. Yawn. Girl starts dating an NBA player, has unprotected sex, hoping to get impregnated by NBA player, instead – gets the CLAP, AND decides it’s time to sue the bastard.

I think this was a lose lose kind of deal for Wilson. If he knocked her up, he would have had to pay the child support for 18 years. Instead, he’s getting sued for not disclosing he had herpes. “So like bruh, am I supposed to just tell her to stop right quick and be like aye I got the clap just in case you don’t wanna….”

It’s a shitty situation for Wilson but now it’s looking like he’s going to get sued AND have bad publicity surrounding him as he looks for his next deal. He’s averaging 7 points per game this season so he was already struggling hard enough to get that next contract, this will make it a little more difficult – if that’s possible.