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What's the difference between LeBron and Brady's temper tantrums?

I’ve been patiently waiting to drop a piece like this so I’m going to let it rip. Question for the sports world? What is the difference between Tom Brady having it out with Josh McDaniels in a sideline argument and LeBron James taking an absolute shit on the Cavs players and coaches during a timeout in a blow out loss last night? The sports world made a huge deal out of Brady’s temper tantrum with McDaniels but LeBron doesn’t get any push back on his actions which were worse in my eyes. Why? He continued to trash his team after the game and referred to his team as being “so fragile.” Brady apologized for his sideline spat with Josh McDaniels and said that things can get heated on the sideline when the competition is so high. I just don’t get it.



So LeBron can trash his teammates and coaches and the sports world is cool with that. But Brady gets fired up after throwing a pick and throws a fit and it’s like he murdered someone. It just goes to show how strong the hate really is against Brady. People don’t want to view Brady as the Greatest Of All Time but they consider LeBron the G.O.A.T. of NBA Basketball. It’s crazy to me. Their own reactions to each situation really shows the different personalities. Brady apologizes and explains himself, LeBron is arrogant and continues to trash his teammates. I’m comfortable betting that LeBron leaves his “hometown” for the second time at the end of this season. THAT shows what kind of person he is deep down, he’s ALL ABOUT HIMSELF. But apparently that’s more appealing to people than the guy who is great but puts the team first.


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