1/13 VIP Picks

Undefeated day on the picks yesterday with the Caps winning, Warriors and Rockets taking care of business. Today we get our first double header of the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. We went a collective OUTSTANDING 12-4 (75%) last weekend for the Wild Card round. 16-4 if you played the underdog teaser that I tweeted out before last weekend. That’s hot right there. It’s tough to duplicate numbers like that but guess what, my goal is to be 100% so let’s fucking go. I will not be at Gillette this week but you can bet your ass I’ll be there next Sunday (that’s a LOCK).


Falcons (-3) @ Eagles – People seem to be shocked that the Falcons are favored in this game, I’m not. I know some of you are hot on the Foles train but you won’t catch me on that train. He went 2-0 against the Giants and Raiders at the end of the season when Wentz got hurt. Big deal. The Eagles are a different team without THEIR MVP Carson Wentz. Key choice of words there. Who took care of the 3 seed last week on the road? Oh yeah, Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Who is going to take care of the 1 seed on the road today? Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Similar scenario where the Falcons will be taking on a team with a QB without a lot of playoff experience. I’ll take Matt Ryan to take control of the game over Nick Foles. I know it’s deeper than that and there will be other players making an impact on the game but it’s going to come down to the QB matchup and I’m taking Matt Ice. I’m not touching the over under in this game due to the 15+ mph winds….


Falcons (-3)

Falcons teased (+3)

I will tweet out a player prop or two as we get closer to game time.

Titans @ Patriots (-13.5) – I know what you’re all expecting me to take in this one but I’ll tell you, you’re wrong!! So the Titans made a great comeback and played a great second half last week against KC after Kelce got hurt (sorry KGB). I’ll tell you what, if the Titans get down early today like they did last week, they will get their ass buried by the Pats. The storm will be out of Foxboro early today so the forecast is looking clear with a chance of Gronk spikes (plural). I think the Patriots will come out attacking through the air because the Titans are ranked 25th against the pass this season. I’m going to go ahead and take Gronk to have multiple touchdowns in this one, SB.com lists that as a player prop but it’s not posted yet. Real talk, I can’t remember the last time the Patriots had a defense this bad and made a Superbowl run. I think the Titans will be able to hang around in this one as long as they don’t get down early. If they get down early, it’s over. The longer they hang around, the more of a chance they will have. I don’t think they have a chance to win this game, that’s not even being a homer. However, I don’t think Patriots (-13.5) is the play in this one.


Patriots teased (-7.5)

Titans teased (+19.5)

Over teased (42)

Player props to be tweeted as we get closer to kickoff. I don’t like playing the straight spread in this one.

Patriots / Steelers moneyline parlay is the lock of your lifetime. Don’t say you didn’t hear it here first.

For parlay/teaser purposes here are tomorrow's picks:

Jaguars @ Steelers (-7.5) – A LOT of people thinking that the Jags are going to go into Pittsburg tomorrow and do what they did in week 5 when they won 30-9 and picked off Big Ben 5 times. Sorry – not going to happen. The league NEEDS the Steelers Patriots rematch and the Steelers will win this game. Hope you jumped on the Patriots/Steelers moneyline parlay. How bad did Bortles look last week? You could see the nerves in his throws, he wasn’t throwing the ball, he was flicking it. A 10-3 win over the Bills in a home playoff game….solid performance Jacksonville, thanks for coming to the party. Steelers are on a mission for revenge and we will talk about that game when we get there next week but tomorrow – Steelers roll.


Steelers teased (-1.5)

Steelers spread (-7.5)

Can’t trust Bortles to take the over even though it’s pathetically low.

Props tweeted as we get closer to game time.

Saints @ Vikings (-5) – “The Vikings are going to have a home game in the Superbowl.” I love how the media likes to look REALLY far ahead into the future. The Vikings have a really really good defense but they have had a few games where the offense doesn’t show up. I am looking at this game as a potential NO CALL NO SHOW for the Vikings offense. Case Keenum going into his first playoff game against Drew Brees and the Saints offense. The Saints have had a good balance offense with the one two punch at running back and then they also have one of the best Quarterbacks in the league, who has won in the post season before. I feel like a lot of people overlook QB experience in the playoffs, I don’t. I think the Saints will be able to keep the balanced offense working against the Vikings #2 pass defense and #2 run defense. The Saints defense came together nicely this season and I think they will show up tomorrow. I’m taking the Saints to win this game.


Saints teased (+11)

Saints MONEY fucking LINE (+185)

Over teased (40.5)

Props tweeted as we get closer to game time.


Avalanche ML (+167) 4x hockey sticks – that’s a big payout for a team that has won 5 games in a row. They will be on the road and taking on the Stars who are 4-1 in their last 5 but I feel like this payout is too valuable to not take the Avs in this spot.

Bruins ML 5x hockey sticks – The Bs are coming off a tough over time loss against the Penguins but they are 3-0-2 in their last 5. They will be in Montreal to take on the Habs who are 2-3 in their last 5. I feel like the Titletown juices will be flowing in this one and the Bs will start the good day of Boston sports that it’s going to be.

Sharks ML - #BetAgainstTheCoyotes who played last night and lost 4-2 against the Oilers. You can catch me skinny dipping in the Shark tank tonight.


Thunder (-2) 4x basketballs – I feel like this is a great spot to take the Thunder. The Hornets won at home last night but they are still playing a back to back. The Thunder have played three really bad games in a row and I feel like this is going to be a big game for them. Line seems to be a bit low for the back to back situation of the Hornets but I’m booming with the Thunder.

Pistons (-1) 5x basketballs – What the fuck? The Pistons haven’t got any respect from the books all season. Keep taking advantage of it. As you guys know, they were 2 point favorites on Wednesday and they won by 34. Sup? They are healthy, rested, and playing the Bulls. Give me the (-1) all day.