The Vikings Fan Who Left Early Because...He Is A Jinx On His Team...

This story dropped earlier today that this Vikings fan decided to leave the game early after the Saints came back in the second half to take a 21-20 lead (Link). He told his 25 year old daughter, who got the tickets for free, that he had seen this movie one to many times already and he didn’t want to see it again. He says he had attended Vikings playoff losses before and he couldn’t bare dealing with another one so he decided to leave early and his poor daughter left with him because she didn’t really have a choice.

They hit the Uber ride home and apparently got home pretty quick because they were able to see the end of the game. He then proceeded to make snow angels in the front yard because he was so excited about the win.

I just have a really hard time believing that this guy is such a big fan but he decided to leave a Divisional Playoff game early when it was a one possession game in the 4th quarter. It’s not like it was 35-7 or something. He decided to leave a one possession game and ended up missing the greatest finish in franchise history. What a loser. If he was worried about seeing another playoff loss, why would he even bother going to the game in the first place?

It gets worse though, this guy really believes that the reason the Vikings came back and won was because he left the game early. He believes that he is a jinx to his team. How fucking pathetic is that? He took a bunch of crap from his friends on the social medias and he told them that they are lucky he left because if he didn’t the Vikings would have lost. This guy is the definition of a brain washed loser, I feel bad for his daughter. I also think that he needs to replace his Jared Allen jersey.