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"Genius" Gambler Could Win $99,000 If Jaguars Win The Superbowl


“Genius” bettor can win $99,000 if the Jaguars win the Superbowl. This guy put down $990 on the Jaguars to win the Superbowl back on Feb 10, 2017. I’m not calling him a genius, sorry MSN. This guy was clearly under the influence of a lot of alcohol. This team finished 3-10 last season. For anyone besides a die hard Jags fan (not sure if these exist) to say that they truly thought the Jags would win the Superbowl a year after finishing 3-13 is complete bullshit.

So who is this guy? I can assure you all that it’s not me. I’m sure we will only find out his identity if he actually wins. But think of it this way, the guy is probably a big wig for some company and he’s got money to blow. He probably figures if he puts $1k on 10 underdog teams to win it he has a good chance to run a huge profit. I probably would never agree with that approach because more than likely, you aren’t going to see a big time underdog (100 to 1) odds winning a championship. Do I think he’s got a chance to actually hit this? Sure, if the Jags D can shut down Brady this weekend and Blake Bortles can throw all over the Pats. If they get by the Pats, this guy has a serious chance at winning $99,000. The reward is always generated by the risk and I think this risk was too much for this guy. He should have used his $990 for a few more nights buying out the bar.

Good luck though, we will see if it pays off.


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