Rockets Clippers Brawl - Who you got?

So last night after the Clippers beat the Rockets to win their 5th straight game, James Harden, Trevor Ariza, and Gerald Green stormed into the Clippers locker room looking to fight Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers. Early reports say that Deandre Jordan stepped in as well. So that begs the question, who do you got in this 3 v 3 locker room cage match?

Rockets -

James Harden - 6’5 220 - big dude with a lengthy reach. I can see him being a guy you want on your side in a fight. Not someone I’d consider jacked but I can bet he can throw the hands as good as he can score the basketball.

Trevor Ariza - 6’8 215 - he strikes me as more of the instigator in this one, he loves to chirp but I don’t know if he’s got what it takes to back it up.

Gerald Green - 6’8 205 - definitely not the biggest or strongest dog in the fight but Green is the kind of guy who can just take punches and keep fighting. We’ve all seen brawl videos where one guy keeps taking haymakers and he just doesn’t go down, that’s Green.

Blake Griffin - 6’10 215 - big dude and he’s shown that he’s not afraid to confront anyone. Griffin is a guy you want on your side in a brawl.

Deandre Jordan - 6’11 255 - biggest dawg in the fight and Jordan is the one that you don’t want to fuck with. Lengthy, powerful, haymakers.

Austin Rivers - 6’4 201 - here’s the bitch in the fight and the first one to get knocked the fuck out. Austin Rivers has lost more fist fights in his life than he’s won.

So who you got?

I think I’m taking Deandre and Blake to hold their own after Rivers is knocked out early. Just too much size and too much power for Harden, Ariza, and Green to over come.

Green knocks out Rivers instantly.

Deandre knocks out Ariza right after.

Griffin holds Harden in a choke hold & Deandre knocks him out.

Green takes on Deandre and Griffin for a while but gets knocked out by Griffin late.

Clippers win the Brawl.