NBA BRAWL - WHO YOU GOT? Afflalo or Bjelica?

An NBA brawl for the second night in a row, I love it. We are trending in the right direction. How great would it be if the NBA allowed fights similar to hockey? It would be great. Why it will never happen? Players in the NHL are ok allowing their teammates to fight one on one and pretty much any time there’s a scuffle in the NBA, everyone jumps in. If they could only accept a fair one on one fight!

Anyways, here’s the video from last night’s scuffle between Aaron Afflalo and Nemanja Bjelica. It actually started on the possession before when Bjelica mumbled something to Afflalo after fouling him on the way to the hole.

Who you got?

Aaron Afflalo – 6’5 210 – clearly has thrown a punch before in his life. No need to throw a couple jabs to get things started, why not go for the fucking knock out immediately. Swing and a miss. It shows a lot about his character and make up that he didn’t hesitate to go after a dude who is clearly a weight class above him. “Should I box him out? Naw, fuck that. I’m gonna throw a forearm shiver and then knock this motherfucker out!” Great plan, it just didn’t work out the way it was supposed to.

Nemanja Bjelica – 6’10 235 – Here’s the antagonist of the fight. BJelica fouled Afflalo on the way to the hoop the possession before and mumbled something to him. Probably something along the lines of, “get that shit out of here fuck boy” with his Serbian accent. Who can blame Afflalo for letting that get under his skin a little. Nice move from Bjelica to dodge the haymaker thrown here and then got Afflalo locked up pretty good in a head lock. He definitely could have done more damage once he got Afflalo in a head lock but he waited too long and everyone else jumped in.

If this same scenario played out in an alleyway one on one: I’m taking Bjelica. He dodged the haymaker and got Afflalo in that headlock so easily and he had him LOCKED UP. Afflalo wasn’t getting out of there and if they were in a back alley, Bjelica could have hammered away on him until a stripper came down the alley way looking for Bjelica to hammer away on her.