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Isaiah Thomas Says He Doesn't Need Tribute on Pierce Night Afterall.

Huge news coming out of the NBA world, Isaiah Thomas says that he doesn’t want the Celtics to have a video tribute for him on Feb 11th when the Celtics host the Cavs. There was a lot of back and forth about having a tribute video for Thomas on Feb 11th because that is the night Paul Pierce’s jersey will be raised to the rafters and retired. Thomas had also changed his tune a lot since the last time this came up before the Celtics hosted the Cavs a couple weeks ago. I want to get into a couple different things here.

First, under no circumstance should Isaiah Thomas have a video tribute on the night that Paul Pierce is getting his number retired. Don’t get me wrong, Isaiah did a lot to expedite the rebuild for the Celtics but he’s not on the LEGENDARY level that Paul Pierce is. Pierce has done way more on and off the court in Boston than Isaiah ever did. Pierce ended the drought and brought the first NBA Finals Championship title of the 20th century to Boston. He led the big three era year after year even though they only ended up winning one title. Could have been multiple if it wasn’t for a couple injuries (Kevin Garnett one year and Kendrick Perkins in game 7 of the finals). Big shot after big shot, Pierce was clutch. I can’t even begin to express everything that Pierce did in Boston. Pierce >>> Thomas. It’s obvious. Did I.T. bring Horford to town, maybe. Did he bring Hayward to town? Maybe. I guess you could say he had part to do with bringing Kyrie to town because that’s who he was traded for. But Pierce even had a part of bringing Kyrie to town because one of the Nets picks that the Celtics acquired when they traded Pierce. The picks that keep on giving, Pierce also got the Celtics Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum. Paul Pierce’s night is 100% focus on Paul, that’s the only way it should be.

I also want to call out how much Isaiah has changed his tone since the first time this came up. His first game back in Boston came a couple weeks ago but he decided not to play due to it being a back to back and he also demanded that there be no video tribute. He was playing the hate card and didn’t want anything to do with being honored. Or so it seemed. The Celtics destroyed the Cavs that night – 102-88. I think Isaiah got a lot of love that night and it opened his eyes to how special it would be to be honored with a video tribute. He then said he wanted a video tribute the next time the Cavs came to town which was Feb 11th. There was a little birdy named LeBron who put that in his head. Pierce had said that he didn’t think there should be a video tribute for I.T. that night and everyone in the sports world made a big stink about it. Isaiah realizes how much of a legend Pierce is but this was a way to take some of the spotlight from Pierce who I.T.’s new god had always had trouble beating early in his career. However, since the Cavs have went into a tailspin and the ship is sinking in Cleveland, Isaiah is all good with Boston and he doesn’t mind not having the tribute on Paul Pierce night.

Bottom line is that Isaiah Thomas is not on the level that Paul Pierce is in Celtics history. There’s people out there who think Boston owers I.T. a tribute. Of course they do, but Feb 11th isn’t the right time.

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