Why a Vikings / Patriots Moneyline Parlay is the LOCK OF YOUR LIFETIME.

Why a Vikings / Patriots moneyline teaser is the LOCK OF YOUR LIFETIME!!

Every year, the Superbowl is a huge deal, obviously. It’s the biggest game for the fans but also huge for company advertisements ect. Well that also means that it’s great for the league because the league office is making a FUCK ton of money in advertisement deals. It’s so much money that people in the league office get so excited. Sometimes when people get excited, they just CAN’T WAIT, ANY LONGER. That’s what happened with the NFL league website. OR there's always that moment when you're at work and you want to get a task from Monday morning taken care of on a Friday afternoon....oops. They released an AD featuring the Patriots vs Vikings in the Supe Bowl.

Check it out:

Google also lists the Patriots and Vikings as appearing in Super Bowl 52, but not the Eagles and Jaguars. I’m thinking something is up, a little premature advertisement and google already has the appearances documented? I also heard a picture surfaced of Super Bowl 52 tickets printed already with Vikings and Patriots information on the tickets.


Give me Vikings and Patriots moneyline parlay at (+117) for a million. LOCK of your LIFETIME. I would be pissed if I laid a big bet on the Jags thinking Brady had a broken hand....