Jags Fan Sends Thank You to Patriots Fans - MUST SEE.

Here’s something that I wish I could a fan from every fan base in the NFL see. New England fans get such a bad rep and most fan bases from other parts of the country look at us as the “Massholes.” Obviously I think ESPN and other media outlets have painted New England as the evil enemy for quite some time now. This post from a Jaguars fan who attended the game on Sunday is amazing and is truly a great example of how Patriots fans are in real life, not how they are portrayed on the media outlets in other parts of the country. He says he was disrespected twice and of course there are always those few fans that have had way too much to drink and decide to cross the line with the things they say. Every fan base has those (Eagles have a few more than others). He got there early and he’s not kidding, the lots opened extra early on Sunday and were open at 9:30 a.m. for a 3:05 kickoff (typically they open 4 hours before). Deep in enemy territory covered in Jags gear yet he was still offered beer and food by multiple groups during the tailgate. I had to message this guy to ask if he minded me screenshotting his post and see what his favorite local brew was. He said he didn’t have a problem with me using his post, thanks for that. His favorite local brew was Trilliums Congress Street which is a great IPA with Australian Galaxy Hops. His girlfriend was a big fan of the DownEast Cider which is always a treat. It’s great to see a fan reflect on such a positive experience at Gillette because they happen a lot more than all of the outside haters think. I can also see a lot of people reading this and saying, “Oh well it’s just a Jags fan, if it was a Ravens or Broncos fan it would be different.” Honestly, it doesn’t matter what fan base you are, when you come to Gillette, you’re treated with respect. Everyone deserves to cheer for their own team and have a good experience at a game that they pay big bucks to go watch.