LeBron Congratulating Himself is Pathetic.

LeBron James is 7 points shy of scoring 30,000 career points and only 6 people have ever done that. Tremendous accomplishment, not taking anything away from him for getting this done. However, if you haven’t seen the post, see it:

This is a bit much for me. There will be enough praise from the media, he didn’t have to toot his own horn like this. Obviously, this post and the way he’s handling this doesn’t surprise me at all because he’s selfish as fuck. And for Cleveland fans who want to disagree, just wait until he leaves his “home” for a better situation for the SECOND time in his career. 

Congrats LeBron but this is almost as bad as hosting a show for your “decision.” I would think that this will fuel the fire that is burning the Cavs locker room to the ground and this team continues to fall like a set of dominos.