NBA Outlines Plan for Legal Sports Betting


So the NBA became the first professional sports league to outline a plan (publicly) if in fact Sports Betting is legalized this year. The NBA wants 1% of every bet that is placed on their games (that’s a lot more than you might think). Vegas recorded 4.5 billion on Sports Gambling in 2016. Obviously that’s what was reported and that’s on all sports. There’s a lot of potential here for all professional sports leagues. 

The NBA also will push to make gambling more accessible for fans which is probably music to your ears. Mobile device Betting, kiosks at the local gas station, etc. This would obviously drive the reported gambling revenue through the roof. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doubled in the first year of being legalized.

The NBA is clearly all in on participating if the Supreme Court makes this legal. It remains in question what the other big leagues stance are on the matter. It seems like a no brainer to participate from a business standpoint but then again some will worry about the integrity of the game. If baseball wants to bring more fans in, this would be a perfect way. Same with Hockey. Even the NFL ratings are dropping. If Joe Schmoe who doesn’t watch football found out that he could put in a 3 team parlay on a Sunday when he stops at his local package store to pick up his 30 of Bud Light - he’s going to start watching the fucking games.

This is exciting and it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future. The New Jersey case will be heard this Spring and if it gets approved, more states will follow suite immediately.