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See How Scott Boras Called Out MLB Lack Of Competitiveness.

Scott Boras called out the MLB and said that something needs to be done about teams that are intentionally not being competitive to set up their future AKA tanking. I agree with him to a point but I think he needs to take a step back and look at the fucking reality. Teams like Tampa do not have the market to pay players top dollar. 

He represents some of the highest paid players, he does a great job as an agent and gets his clients top dollar. It’s so backwards for him to call out some of the struggling franchises that tank in hopes to draft the next big thing. It’s a repeating cycle of a young guy gets drafted by a low market team, Boras signs him, the player plays through his rookie contract and then goes to a big market team for a huge contract. 

The real issue that needs to be taken care of is the fact that some markets just can’t compete with other markets. You can’t sign Mike Trout or Giancarlo Stanton if you only have 15k fans showing up every night IF YOURE LUCKY. These small markets have no chance against markets that sell out every night and are able to charge top dollar on each ticket. 

So how can this be fixed? The league could look at a revenue sharing plan. Obviously the owners would never go for this but it would balance every teams budget and ability to get all-star caliber players to stay long term. The league could adopt a player ranking system and give each player number ratings or a-f skill grade. From there they could put a limit on how many A players, B players, C players, ect each team could have. Again, owners probably wouldn’t take this because the rich want to get richer. 

Something needs to be done if the MLB wants to make more than 10 of 30 teams competitive each season. What ideas do you guys have?


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