1/26 VIP Picks

What up guys? Happy fucking Friday! We were an open netter from the Bruins and a gag job from Rickie Fowler away from a 5-0 Thursday. Still 3-2 for a winning night which is all we really care about. NHL is off going into the All-Star weekend so it’s going to be some basketball tonight and that’s it. Also – you may have seen the promo for the free newsletter – that’s going to be sending updates mostly on the free blog with one free pick on Fridays only. DM me or email me your email address if you want to be added to the list.


Pacers (+6) 5x basketballs or Moneyline (+210) 4x basketballs - The Cavs have a lot going on right now and it’s nothing short of a natural disaster. They have players calling out other players for missing games, they have their leader calling out team mates for being fragile, they have their leader caring more about himself than actually winning games. It’s a mess. The Cavs have lost 7 of their las 9 and a few of the losses have been UGLY. The Pacers have been playing good ball and have won 3 of their last 5. Worst case scenario, they cover the (+6) tonight. The Pacers beat the Cavs 97-95 two weeks ago. Since then, the Cavs have played four games and they have only won one of them (against the Magic). (+210) is great value for the situation and what the Cavs are going through right now. Even one of our VIP members – a loyal Cavs fan is telling us to bet against the Cavs until they can get things back on the right track. I don’t think that is going to be tonight.


Pacers (+10) / Rockets (0) – Pacers at (+10) is like the local pizza shop giving you a part size pizza when you only ordered a large. Let’s party. Rockets will be taking on the Pelicans who have been playing good ball and have won 4 of their last 5. The Rockets have been on a streak of their own since the return of James Harden. I like the rested / healthy Rockets to win this game tonight. 5x basketball confidence on this teaser.

Lakers ML (+155) 4x basketballs – two dogs in one night? Sure. The Lakers will be without Lonzo Ball tonight but I still like them to take this game against the Bulls. The Lake show has won 3 games in a row and they are coming off of a good win against the Celtics the other night even though the Celts have been struggling before that. The Bulls are coming off of a beating from the Sixers and I think the Lakers are next in line to lay a beating on them.