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Free Pick Friday: 1/26/18

Indiana Pacers (+6) or Moneyline (+210) – It depends what kind of Friday night you are trying to have. There’s the group of people who want to play it safe and have a couple of beers to celebrate the win. Then there’s people who want to fucking GO FOR IT and take the 2-1 payout and by all their buddies a round of shots at the bar to celebrate.

So why is the Pacers (+6) a safe play? The Cavs have a lot going on right now and it’s nothing short of a natural disaster. They have players calling out other players for missing games, they have their leader calling out team mates for being fragile, they have their leader caring more about himself than actually winning games. It’s a mess. The Cavs have lost 7 of their las 9 and a few of the losses have been UGLY. The Pacers have been playing good ball and have won 3 of their last 5. Worst case scenario, they cover the (+6) tonight.

Why is Pacers Moneyline (+210) good value? Most of the reasons highlighted above about the Cavs ship sinking faster than the Titanic but also because the Pacers beat the Cavs 97-95 two weeks ago. Since then, the Cavs have played four games and they have only won one of them (against the Magic). (+210) is great value for the situation and what the Cavs are going through right now.

So what are you going to do? Play is safe? Or GO FOR IT?

Either way – enjoy your Friday Night.

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