Another $1M Bet Placed on Eagles Moneyline


William Hill U.S. has confirmed that they took a $1 million bet on Eagles moneyline on Monday. MGM had reported last week that they took a multi-million dollar bet on Eagles moneyline. These books can off set big boy moneyline bets but the public is all over the Eagles with the points as well. As of Monday night, 63% of the money is on the Eagles (+4.5). Some books have already adjusted the line down to (4) and if the action keeps coming in on the Eagles, this thing could drop down to (3) by Sunday.

So what does this mean? This guy who’s throwing this million dollar bets is clearly a fucking baller. They claim that this is the same guy who went on a big time run throughout the World Series last season. My question is – IS THIS REAL? I find it hard to believe that books are taking million dollar bets on moneylines that some are paying out close to 2-1 at (+180). Second, I’m a little surprised that the action is being thrown so heavily on the Eagles early. I think the opening spread was too big at (-6 / -5.5) but 63/37 split is huge for a Super Bowl. Fun fact – in Superbowl History 22 out of 52 underdogs have covered the spread. I won’t be giving away my pick until later this week but I will definitely be factoring in the action report.