Alex Smith Traded to Redskins

Chiefs have agreed to trade Alex Smith to the Redksins but the deal can’t be finalized until the league new year begins. I think it was only a matter of time before the Chiefs moved on from Alex Smith. They are a team that is capable of making a run at a title but I don’t think they could do it with Alex Smith running the offense. I know they had some really impressive stretches this season but look what happened in the playoffs. Next excuse? He lost his star player. Good quarterbacks still win playoff games when their star players get hurt, just saying. Good move for the Chiefs to move on from Smith and start up the Patrick Mahomes era.

From the Redskins side, they didn’t want to pay Cousins the money that he’s going to get because they didn’t think that they could win with him. Bring in the king of winning regular season games. I think the Skins know that the NFC East is going to be run by the Eagles for the next five years or so. Bringing in a QB who can win regular season games will keep the fans content in the mean time while they know deep down that they don’t have what it takes to make a run in the playoffs, or make the playoffs.