KofSports Super Bowl Weekend Schedule

Alright alright some may say it’s too early but Super Bowl weekend kicks off tomorrow. Once you get past hump day and it’s Thirsty Thursday, you really start to get excited for Sunday. We’ve got a few things on the schedule for this weekend that you don’t want to miss.


- starting Thursday you can get your hands on the official Super Bowl game analysis, break down, and VIP pick for just $25. For those interested in this, DM on twitter or email kofsports@yahoo.com.

-Big announcement for KofSports will be made at some point on Thursday evening. 



7 p.m. EST - a live stream with Kof giving away prop bets for the big game. Make sure to tune in and send any specific prop bets you want an answer on to kofsports@yahoo.com ahead of time.



3 p.m EST - the official KofSports Super Bowl commercial will be released. Don’t fucking miss it.



Noon EST - Live stream with final pre game thoughts.

Following the game - live stream with post game reaction.

Have a suggestion for a SUPERBOWL weekend event you want to see on KofSports? DM on twitter or email kofsports@yahoo.com