A look back on Superbowl 51 & the VIP Picks

As we come up on Super Bowl 52, let’s take a look back at the VIP Picks from Super Bowl 51:


“It’s here boys, the biggest betting day of the year. It’s going to be a great fucking day. I hope you guys ate up the prop bets that I released yesterday. If you see anything specific that you want my input on just let me know. How the Patriots win? The Pats establish the running game early with Blount and that opens up the passing game for Brady to take a couple shots down field. The defensive scheme that BB draws up confuses Matt Ryan and takes away the number one weapon, Julio Jones. How the Falcons win? They get pressure on Brady and also stop the run. These two tasks will not be easy but if they can find a way to accomplish both of these things, they will come away with the win.

What’s the play?

Patriots moneyline – I think that this game means too much to the Patriots to not come away with a win. Revenge tour has been going on all season and I just don’t see them losing. Everyone talks about the #1 offense against the #1 defense but no ones talking about the #3 offense against the #23 defense. This is the safe play and I suggest you go HEAVY.

Patriots (-3) – If the Patriots get a lead early and up by two scores this one could turn into a rout.

Teaser: Pats (+3) Under (64).

Under (58)

Hydrate, eat good food, and enjoy the fucking game guys.”

Not bad going 3-1 for VIP picks on the big game last year. As a reminder, you can get the full break down of both teams, game prediction, and VIP picks for tomorrow for just $25. If you prefer more bang for your buck, sign up for one of our VIP memberships. DM or email kofsports@yahoo.com for more details.