Carlos Martinez Facing a Lawsuit

Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez is facing a lawsuit for jumping a man outside a strip club 4 years ago. Crazy how these things come back after being a skeleton in the closet for four years. The story is that Martinez and his crew got in an argument with some guy then followed him to a strip club. When the dude went out to get a snack at a food stand, Martinez and the boys jumped his ass. The guy sustained over $100,000 worth of injuries according to his medical reports.

Drunk and mumbling in a St Louis bar and you get your ass kicked, seems about right. Maybe he brought up a bad game that Martinez had so the boys decided it was time to fuck him up. The story sounds like Martinez got some good shots to the face in during the scuffle, maybe he should request a trade to the American League and become a DH because he was hitting pretty good during this incident.

Of course his agent has already come out and said that the accusations are completely false and Martinez will address them once they have more information. Smart thing to say but if these accusations are false, Martinez could come out and deny them because he knows what happened. We will keep an eye on this story as we get closer to Opening Day because it could have some Fantasy Baseball implications. He has more punches landed in less than a minute than he had wins in a whole season last year.