See Why Josh McDaniels denied the Colts

Josh McDaniels has accepted and rejected the Colts head coaching job in the same day, what a legend. The Colts officially announced it earlier today but reports surfaced in the last hour that McDaniels has decided to stay with the Patriots. Obviously Patriots Nation is thrilled about this news but everyone else hates the Patriots even more. That’s good, they can start hating McDaniels because he is going to be taking over for Belichick before we know it. Let’s take a look at some of this things that might have made him change his mind about the Colts head coaching job.

Belichick is retiring – If this is the case, then it’s a no brainer for McDaniels to change his mind about the Colts job. I think he has wanted to be Bill’s successor all along and the time might finally be here. If this is true and Bill comes out to announce his retirement in the near future, that would make the Jimmy G trade and the Butler benching look REALLY bad. Is it realistic? Sure. I think it’s more likely that BB told McDaniels that he was going to put in one more season and retire no matter what. So if you’re McDaniels, you probably think that puts you in a better situation than taking over the Colts this season. I don’t think there will be as much pressure for McDaniels when he takes over the Patriots because the ownership and fans already have so much respect and trust in him. Let’s keep our eyes on this development throughout the offseason.

Andrew Luck is never playing again – Maybe he got some last minute news on the actual health of Andrew Luck. Maybe it’s worse than everyone thinks. Maybe he won’t ever play again. Who know’s? Obviously if you find out that Luck is more injured than everyone thinks, you’re out. Jacoby is good but you don’t take over a head coaching job relying on him at QB.

The call from Robert Kraft – “Hey Josh, it’s me Bob. Hey I know you were thinking about taking that head coaching job for the Colts. That would be great for you but I think you’re better off here in New England. I’m going to pay you as if you are a head coach and you will remain the offensive coordinator until Belichick retires? How’s that sound? Not enough? I’ll throw in a 1 million dollar signing bonus – just sent you it on Venmo. Thanks Josh, we are happy to have you staying. Tom will be excited to hear the news.

He never officially agreed but the Colts announced prematurely – Here’s another possibility that Josh McDaniels never officially accepted the Colts job but they announced it prematurely. That would be a Colts thing to do, hang AFC Finalist banners and announce new head coaches before they actually sign. I don’t think this is what really happened but knowing how the Colts operate – I won’t rule it out.

I’m sure more information will be released about this and it will be interesting to find out how this all took place. Honestly, I think Belichick is going to be gone sooner than a lot of Pats fans think. “We’ll see.” Also – that Patriots/Colts AFC Championship score just changed from 45-7 to 46-7 and has GOT to be leaving Colts fans feeling, deflated.