Check out Corey Clement’s Eagles TATTOO

Philadelphia Eagles running back Corey Clement’s got a tattoo of himself catching a touchdown pass from Nick Foles in the Superbowl, it even includes his foot being out of bounds. Check it out:

What? You didn’t see his foot was out of bounds in the tat? Check again: LINK

Pretty sick tat but he is young and will most likely regret this tatoo when he changes teams some day. I feel like athletes do this all the time although I will give Clement credit, he won a championship before he got the tattoo. Some of these athletes sign or get traded to a team and get a tattoo referencing a championship before they even suit up for that team. One that comes to mind is Jason Terry getting the Celtics leprechaun holding an NBA Finals trophy as soon as he joined the team. The Celtics did not win that year and Terry was traded to the Nets with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett the next season. Regrettable? Dumb? Yup. Like I said, atleast Clements waited until he won a championship with the team before he got tatted up.