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Rondo vs IT - Odds on this Fight

Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Thomas got double technical fouls and ejected last night after a scuffle on the court. This is the first time that these two have played against each other since the drama surrounding the Paul Pierce jersey retirement. Thomas was going to have a video tribute on Paul Pierce’s night before the Cavs decided to trade him to the Lakers. Rondo was on record questioning The Little Guy’s credentials in Boston and when a reporter pointed out that Isaiah took the Celtics to the Conference Finals last year, Rondo asked “Oh, that’s what we celebrate around here?” Huge face.

Rondo has never backed down from a little drama and I’m sure he would have talked a little bit of trash last night regardless. HOWEVER, I think that spending Sunday with Kevin Garnett in Boston at Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement ceremony and probably some time with Garnett and Pierce after added a little fuel to his actions. Both Garnett and Pierce pointed out that Rondo would be playing Thomas in three days and probably told him to “fuck dat nigga up.” They probably said it just like that too.

Rondo goes out last night and gives three slaps to the face before Isaiah retaliated with a shove and they continued to bark at one another as they were separated.

Odds Garnett & Pierce told Rondo to do something to IT (-500)

Odds on Rondo vs IT in a street fight no one breaks it up?

Rondo (-1000)

IT (odds not available)


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