Austin Dillon Wins Daytona 500. Quavo Wins MVP. Faith in Humanity Restored

Sports have the special ability to invoke emotion. They often deliver moments that make people feel something. The Cinderella Team, The Heartbreaking Defeat, The David vs The Goliath, The Triple Overtime Win, etc. All these sports moments probably relate to every sports fan differently but are also probably equally as meaningful. This weekend was nothing short of that.

Take, for example, the Daytona 500 race Sunday afternoon. Crashes and the conclusion of Danica Patrick’s career headlined the night, but the real story was that of Austin Dillon being crowned champ. Now NASCAR is notorious for left turns and unrivaled expressions of patriotism, but this race was about way more than just Busch Light. 17 years ago, on the same track, Dale Earnhardt Sr’s career and life were cut short. It was on the last lap when Earnhardt’s accident unfortunately ended his life, and it was also on the last lap when Austin Dillon drove into victory lane in the same numbered car that Earnhardt wrecked in years before. That #3 car has seen a lot. And, as if in a destined tribute, that #3 car got to give Earnhardt one last hoo-rah.

Another emotionally moving moment in sports was the NBA Celebrity All Star Game on Friday night. In a real slobber knocker fight for the ages, the Clippers (no… not THOSE Clippers) won their game 75-66 versus the Lakers (no… not THOSE Lakers). At the helm of the ship was sports personality and head coach, Katie Nolan. Her roster was composed of all sorts of legends: Bubba Watson, Jamie Foxx, the lead singer of Arcade Fire, and 2 members of the show Black-ish. But Nolan had a secret weapon. Thursday before the game, a certain Migo made a certain live televised announcement that he would be joining a certain All Star team. And when all was said and done after Friday night, Quavo had not only led the Clippers to victory, but was named MVP of the game too. He put up 19 points and had one very powerful block on NBA analyst Rachel DeMita. He sent her shit packing. Even after the game when she tweeted at him to tell him that she was gonna be feeling sore, the man offered her a massage. BOOM! Quavo is not only a certified baller, he’s also a playa. That’s an MVP!

From the eternal respect served by the Daytona race track, to a member of Migos going 7 of 10 against Justin Bieber while trying to get laid by a woman that he pulverized, sports always finds a way to tug at the heartstrings.