Louisville Men's Basketball 'Stripped' of 2013 Title

Louisville Men’s Basketball program had their 2013 National Championship and 2012 Final Four appearance vacated due to recruiting violations. If you missed this story somehow, the NCAA investigated and determined that a Louisville staff member was arranging striptease dances and sexual acts/favors for players and recruits at on campus parties.

“Hey ma – I’m going to spend the night at Louisville tonight for my recruiting visit. They are going to show me around the facilities and stuff.” AND STUFF. Look, it’s crazy to me that the NCAA really put this much time and effort into this investigation. If the members of the NCAA don’t think that this shit goes on at every Division I program, they are absolutely nuts. The schools do it to show these top recruits a good time but it’s not like they are widening the gap from other programs going after the same recruit. We’ve heard stories all along about top recruits getting money, TVs, cars, tattoos, sexual favors, ect. This is so common across major college programs that recruits at that level expect things like this. Let’s say a top 10 ranked high school basketball players goes to 10 over night recruiting visits, he’s getting laid at all 10 of them and probably getting some sort of gift at 8 or 9 of them. That’s the norm.

So go ahead NCAA, strip the 2013 National Title and the 2012 Final Four appearance. The fans all watched the games, they will always remember who won. And for those who think it’s right that Michigan is awarded the Championship trophy, they played the game and lost. Oh yeah, and 11 of the 12 guys all had similar activities take place when they went on their recruiting visit to Michigan. As we always say, there’s winners and there’s losers…pretty clear that the Louisville players are winners on and off the court.