2018 Mock Mock NFL Draft Version 1.0 Picks 1-16

Preface: There are many mock drafts and draft big boards in the online NFL atmosphere right now. In order to create difference of perspective and produce a wider point of view, this mock draft will offer a more “alternative” player evaluation in order to find the right fit for each team.

1. Cleveland Browns-

The undefeatedly defeated team has lots of options going into this spot, but I have them taking Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming. Allen is big presence and was coached by the same man as Carson Wentz. Plus, who really cares if he busts or not. I can’t imagine Wyoming’s fan base has a strong following.

2. New York Giants-

Not the New York team I would’ve guessed preseason to be picking at #2, but sports… am I right? You hear a lot of clamor about Eli’s future with the franchise and that the team should go QB, and I totally agree. They really just need a team leader. Someone to rally behind. Giants select Chad President, QB, Tulsa. No one is more of a leader than a President. And even though he’s not technically draft eligible yet, he’d fit in perfectly seeing that Tulsa only won 2 games this season. So, 3-13 is actually an improvement for Mr. President.

3. Indianapolis Colts-

The Colts had a real kerfuffle with after losing Pagano, then McDaniels pulled the ole switcheroo on them too. They’re heartbroken and Luck’s arm shows no signs of healing. I foresee the Colts trying to turn things around by drafting a real liberator; Freedom Akinmolandun, DL, Nebraska. I wasn’t sure that the first name “Freedom” was reason enough to draft this guy, then I realized his favorite movie was Indiana Jones! INDIANA! INDIANAPOLIS! Perfect fit.

4. Cleveland Browns-

This one is easy. Browns go with Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA. Makes for a great headliner, Josh vs Josh: Who Will Win the QB1 Role? If the press laughs at them for drafting 2 QBs at picks 1 and 4, they can just say they messed up on one and meant to select the other. Call it an “oops moment” and then just claim whichever one ends up panning out.

5. Denver Broncos-

The Broncos are a team that could literally draft anyone and it would be helpful. I’ll give them Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma here. But seriously, these clowns need so much more. In fact, I’ll also toss in Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama in a 2-For-The-Price-Of-1 deal somehow, and I’ll bet they still go 8-8.

6. New York Jets-

Wouldn’t it be the most Jets move ever to take Saquon Barkley here? How do they not take him here? I’m pretty sure Bilal Powell doesn’t have much energy left (if he ever did). Yeah. “With the 6th pick in the 1st round of the 2018 draft, the New York Jets select Saquon Barkley, Running Back, Penn State.” I can see it already… random Thursday night game, Final Score: Bills 9, Jets 13 (with 306 rushing yards by Barkley).

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

I realized as I typed this that the Bucs have a decent team. Not a great team, but they do have a team that has potential. That being said, I have a bold prediction here. Tampa Bay trades Oakland their 1st round spot next year for Coach Jon Gruden! (Luke 15:24) Bucs restore their swagger. Then draft Derwin James, S, FSU, because they always try make Jameis feel more at home.

8. Chicago Bears-

You mean to tell me the Mitchell/Mitch Trubitsky experiment wasn’t an astounding success… duh! The man needs a target. He needs someone who can hang. If I’m the Bears, I’m grabbing Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M. Why Kirk? Well, this one is a bit of a stretch, but he’s an Aggie. The new Bears coach is Matt Nagy. Aggie® Nagy. It kinda works. I say it’s worth a shot.

9. San Francisco 49ers-

Looks like the 49ers might’ve struck gold with Jimmy G, (pun extremely intended) but having a QB is meaningless unless you can protect him. Let’s give the 49ers Poutasi Poutasi, OL, Cal. No, you are not seeing double. Poutasi Poutasi is a real person. He’s another draft eligibility question mark, but the money saved on plane fare, by the in-state true-freshman, should make up for any issues the NCAA has against this lineman.

10. Oakland Raiders-

Oakland, in this mock draft, has presumably already lost its head coach. But let us not forget they have earned another 1st rounder for next year. No sweat for this team. Roquan Smith, LB, UGA. Smith is great for match ups and a team heading to Vegas needs someone good at covering slots (pun also intended).

11. Miami Dolphins-

The Dolphins basically blew themselves up last season, but it helped the Eagles win a Super Bowl, so that was polite, I guess. Even though Jay Ajayi is on to greener pastures, the Dolphins need a RB. They’ll get Sony Michel, RB, UGA. Back-to-back UGA picks is cool, plus he can be a new Knowshon for them.

12. Cincinnati Bengals-

The Bengals need a player who won’t try to kill the opponent. Their players are too violent, and that strategy hasn’t worked for them so far. Pacman Jones, Vontez Burfect, and AJ Green are all too destructive with no progress to show. They need a nice guy. Riley Lovingood, LS, Tennessee, sounds nice. Long snapper seems like a nice guy position. I predict the Redshirt Sophomore here.

13. Washington Redskins-

Common sense tells me to take a defensive player here, but Redskins Owner Dan Snyder is no fan of common sense. Lamar Jackson, FB, Louisville. They’ll draft the Heisman QB as a FB but may convert him to OG if Jay Gruden prefers. He’ll block for Alex Smith and recover fumbles from Kirk Cousins.

14. Green Bay Packers-

The Packers are really tricky. It was a bold strategy for Rodgers to break his own collar bone in order for his team to tank and then get a higher draft spot. I’d put it right up there with their plan to get Brett Favre 13 years before even drafting Rodgers and then convincing America that Favre was in charge. Packers go with Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, Alabama.

15. Arizona Cardinals-

Arizona needs a QB, but I’m thinking the Cards are gonna latch onto AJ McCarron as soon as they can. They need a pass catching TE like Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin. He has only 4 fingers on one hand, but stats aren’t everything. And if he busts, he’ll say “What did y’all expect? I have 4 fingers!”

16. Baltimore Ravens-

I’m not well versed on the eligibility of draftees (as this mock draft has proven) but I’m pretty sure this one would work. Ravens should snag Edgar Allan Poe, WR, Free Agent. Poe went to Army and was their leading receiver, but he graduated last year. I’m not sure where he is, it’s entirely possible he’s been deployed, but he belongs on the Ravens. More than any Raven ever. It’d be like if there was a player named Don Henley and the Eagles were on the clock.