German Team Doctor Recommends His Athletes to Drink Beer.

Breaking News from PyeongChang, the athletes from Germany are drinking beer after their performances at the Winter Olympics per the team doctor’s suggestion. Apparently, this team doctor believes and has conducted research that suggests the fact that beer is more rejuvenating than water or a sports drink after physical activity. There’s got to be a catch right? Of course there is, this doctor suggests that non-alcoholic beer is more rejuvenating than water or a sports drink. Bummer.

However, according to sources, the German team showed up with 3,500 liters of non-alcoholic beer and 11,000 liters of regular beer. They have 156 athletes representing the country so that’s 22 liters of non alcoholic beer and 70 liters of regular beer. That comes out to about 1.5 non alcoholic beers and 5 alcoholic beers per day, seems about right. I’m sure there’s a few drinking more and a few drinking less but that’s the average. Either way, Team Germany gets the GOLD when it comes to crushing beers on a daily basis. Why isn’t that an event yet?