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KofSports Keys to Winning Consistently is an eBook to help you develop the strategy and mindset that you need in order to win consistently. Professional Handicapper @KofSports shares his strategy and bankroll management structure. Along with the bankroll management tips, Kof will take you on a 25 day journey with documented picks for each day in which he turns $100 into $607.89. Each day, Kof shares his picks, bankroll summary, and his personal journal along the way so you get to see his mindset and how he handles certain situations that can be tough for sports bettors.

I decided to write this book because I thought it would be very valuable for sports bettors all over the world. It touches on the four most important concepts to win consistently. The structure that is laid out for you in this book is your blue print to consistent success! The book also takes you on a 25 day journey, with a direct look at the picks I made, how much I bet on each pick, and a daily journal of how I was dealing with the ups or downs of that specific day. Over the 25 day journey, I was able to turn my starting bankroll of $100 into $607.89 by mastering the four key concepts AND most importantly, sticking to the betting structure that I created.

Here is a sample of the book to give you guys an idea of what you will be getting for just $9.99:


So you have a problem, you love sports betting but you can’t seem to put together a strategy to win consistently. There are many other people just like you in the same boat, in fact they say that 90% of sports bettors actually lose money. This book will discuss the most important factors to become a successful sports bettor.  The two most important factors are of course, picking winners and bankroll management. This book will give you an in depth look at a winning bankroll management strategy, a daily summary of picks, and a daily journal from the mind of KofSports along the way. Enjoy!

Day 1: Thursday, 2/1/2018 - Bankroll $100

NHL - Tampa Bay ML (-112) 

Risk $10 to win $8.93 - result - Win

NBA - Houston (-3.5) 

Risk $10 to win $9.09 - result - Win

Kof’s Daily Mindset - before the games, I really wanted to find two to three games that I was really confident in to get off to a good start. Both of these games seemed to be sure winners based on recent game results. As expected, both of these games went like they were supposed to and we went 2-0.

Day 14 Wednesday, 2/14/2018 - Bankroll $319.20

NBA - 2 team teaser - Golden State (-1.5) / Toronto (-2.5)

Risk $30 to win $27.27 - result - loss

NCAA - Virginia Tech (+11.5)

Risk $30 to win $27.27 - result - loss

Kof’s Daily Mindset: 0-2 for a big hit today. We had a little hot streak which got us up to Level 3 of the betting structure but we have fallen back down to Level 2 after today’s losses. It’s very important that we stick to the betting structure tomorrow even after the big loss we took today.


That’s just a small sample of the book and it also touches on the three different types of sports bettors there are, the four most important concepts to master in order to become a successful sports bettor, and finally the 25 day journey with Kof.

It’s a good read and will give you the information you need to be successful. It is officially published and you can get your copy today on Amazon.

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