Classic - Get Paid, Stop Giving Any Fucks

Muhammad Wilkerson is the classic example of a modern day athlete who got paid and his production fell off the face of the Earth. Literally, the guy went from being a Pro Bowler to a fuck boy who literally gave no fucks as soon as he signed his 5 year $86 million contract. The Jets did the right thing today though, they cut his ass.

So how did we get to this point? Well, let’s look back to 2015. Wilkerson was an absolute beast for the Jets when he recorded 12 sacks, 64 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, and 7 pass breakups. He was such a beast slanging that thang around on the defensive side of the ball that he made the Pro Bowl. What happened next? Jets front office said to themselves, “HEY, WE HAVE A PRO BOWLER.” Next stop, brinks truck – 5 years $86 million, luckily it wasn’t all guaranteed.

Since then, Wilkerson has been suspended by the Jets four times for dumb shit like not going to team meetings, being late for team meetings, and not giving a fuck. On top of that, the dude wasn’t getting it done on the field. Since signing that big boy contract, he has only recorded 75% of the sacks that he did in that one major season.

Wilkerson’s salary for 2018 ($16.75 Mil) would be guaranteed if the Jets didn’t cut his ass by March 16th AND Wilkerson would probably buy in for 100,000 brackets in the official KofSports bracket challenge (don’t forget to get yours!). Luckily, the Jets cut him today and are saving that money. It will be interesting to see if Wilkerson is now motivated to get himself another contract but if I were a betting man (lol) I would say that after the way he handled his first big contract, no other team will hit him with numbers like that again. It’s sad to see, especially for Jets fans, but atleast you’re freeing up money for your boy Kirk Cousins!