Top 25 Fantasy Baseball - Scoring = Categories

Click the link below to view my Top 25 Fantasy Baseball position players from 2017. What I did was take the most popular categories for Fantasy Baseball and add up those numbers for each player to generate a "value." There value is essentially how many points they would have scored you last season if they were on your team. I also included a column where I take the over, under, or push on what I think their numbers will be in 2018 compared to 2017. Finally, you have my comments on each player and some fun facts. Keep in mind that this is not my Top 25 ranking for 2018 AND this is based on category scoring type. Keep your eyes out for 26-50 as that will be coming soon. Until then, enjoy and as always if you have any questions on a specific player hit me in the DM @KofSports or email