Welcome to March!

In honor of today being March 1st, and due to the fact that some sports months are better than others, I took it upon myself to highlight some of the top sporting events too keep in mind this month. However, something tells me that if you're reading this, you're already pretty aware of most of these dates.

- Tomorrow, March 2nd, the NFL Draft Combine will kick off from beautiful Indianapolis, Indiana. NCAAF and NFL fans alike can begin to water at their respective mouths as they watch 20 year olds prepare to become millionaires. The fans will also come to the mind-blowing realizations that the Super Bowl was only less than a month ago and the draft is still over a month away!

- This week is also the start to championship week. The Big 10 is already underway and the rest of the nation's conferences will follow soon in tournament basketball. I can't wait to watch Albany St vs Stony Brook on a Tuesday afternoon in a last-second, half-court, miracle-win. Then 2 weeks later I'll watch them lose to the Cincinnati Bearcats in the first found. Beautiful.

- A final neat little fact about this week: MLS will begin their season on March 3rd. This year will follow the league's massive boom in viewership after last season. Regardless of if you're a Montreal Impact die-hard or you live all the way out in "Houston Dynamo-Country," you're wait is over.

- On March 14th, Adam Schefter will bust his load live on ESPN2 as the NFL free agency market opens up. The league year starts giving football fans something to hold them over until mini-camps roll around; while trades, adds, and drops will flood Schefter's 6 phones the entire day.

-For anyone that gives a shit, the Monster Jam: Monster Truck World Finals are taking place this month in Vegas. So to any Grave Digger fanatics or Max Destruction enthusiasts, don't say I never gave yall a shoutout. Also, since I assume my Monster Jam audience has a lot of overlap with my WWE audience, the WWE Fastlane ppv (whatever the hell that is) will be held this weekend.

- Obviously we're all excited for March Madness and the Final Four, but not only is March a time of nonstop college basketball, it's also bracket season. Whether you're in an office pool, the type of guy who makes 37 different brackets, or determining your tourney winner by a coin flip, this is one of the most fan-involved sporting activities all year. So good luck, and let me be the first to say "None of you will get a perfect bracket and no one cares about your strategy of picking based on mascot!"

- Rounding off the month will be the resurrection of pro baseball. MLB's official Opening Day is March 29th and the world needs it desperately. Nothing like a little change of pace as the weather starts to warm up. Plus baseball is a sport everyone can enjoy (except for the rapidly increasing youth-population that overwhelmingly hates the sport and has created a sharp drop in viewership over the past few year). It's certainly America's pastime.

Clearly I didn't touch on everything and that's okay. There's many other sporting events this month, ranging from NBA games to the Wrestling National Championship. The important part is that you, the reader, recognize what you love about sports and participate in that. You maybe excited about the entire list or none of it. But the beauty of sports is that you get to choose. Happy March Everyone!