March Madness Underway

If you are not a College Basketball fan, you are missing out. Today is only March 4th and this month has already shown us some of the best basketball of all season. In this one week fans have seen Virginia beat Louisville after being down by 4 with 1 second left, Duke beat UNC on Grayson Allen's senior night, Cincinnati pull out a 1 point win against Wichita St. in order to claim the AAC title, and Murray St. become the first team to punch their ticket to the tourney.

As I write this, I'm watching Liberty play Radford in the Big South Championship and I'm happy as can be. It's just something about this time of year. It's basically bowl-season on steroids. I always pretend I appreciate college ball as I watch the Saturday games throughout the season, but it takes March to remind me just how amazing this sport really is. Last night, in a random Sun Belt game, Georgia Southern hit one of the most wild one-handed 3s I've ever seen. And the icing-on-top was the shooter's name was Tookie Brown. Where else can someone see Tookie Brown shot-put a basket from wayback as the shot clock expired? Nowhere. 

Now I'll admit, I miss football. Every year when the football season ends I begin to feel like a man who just had a mutual breakup with a great girl because of long distance. At times, I miss her. She was always there for me, and even when things weren't going my way, I knew she'd be back in a week. Now she's gone. But March Madness is basically the ultimate weekend being single and ready to mingle. I'm out here meeting a bunch of new people (Radford and Liberty for example) and having fun. I get to go out and party and bask in all this March Madness! 

So to any readers who are skeptical because you either only watch NBA or don't care much for basketball, I suggest you give it a shot. It'll be awhile before The Masters or The NBA Finals come around, and even longer before football comes back. If you like soccer and/or baseball, think about it like this; you've got all summer to watch your sport, so why don't you just watch a little college ball?

NCAA Basketball is in it's prime during this month, and I fully endorse everyone starting spring off right with the most entertaining month for this sport. 

Radford: 52

Liberty: 52

0:13 left in regulation

I'm in heaven!

*P.S. I write this bottom footnote from 2 minutes after the score update directly above. If you don't know how that game ended, Google it! Radford is going dancing!